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How much is this going to cost?

Fees for estate planning are all over the map. There are attorneys who charge very low prices--and you'll get what you pay for, but not necessarily what you really need. There are high-line law firms that charge very healthy fees for every meeting and every change--you won't know the final cost until the project is finished.
Without sitting down and discussing your specific situation and needs, it's difficult, if not impossible, to quote a fair and reasonable price for a proper estate plan, no matter what you've heard from other attorneys. However, know this:
My fee to meet with you, listen to you, determine your needs, and draft your comprehensive estate plan is fixed, period. You'll know how much you're spending before you commit to spending anything. This includes any and all meetings it takes to develop, review and finalize your estate plan.
While we need to pay our bills like everyone else, I strive to earn your business by providing the best possible value to our clients.
Providing quality service for a fair price is paramount. I will never give "low-ball" price to get your business, then raise the price later. It's just wrong.
I will never ask you to "just trust me." Instead, I'll do what it takes to be worthy of your trust. The rest is up to you.