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Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need an estate plan?
Why do people put off setting up an estate plan?
What happens when you don’t plan ahead?
What should a comprehensive estate plan include?
How does Probate Court work?
How do trusts work?
Do I really need a trust instead of a will?
Why is a trust better than a will?
Can’t I just do this myself, or maybe buy software or go online?
Why do I need to “fund” my trust?
Should I place my tax-deferred retirement accounts into the trust?
Should I put my home into the trust?
How should I handle my interest in a closely-held business?
Will my estate be subject to Federal estate tax?
How can I minimize the amount of estate tax my beneficiaries will have to pay?
How do I nominate a guardian and conservator for my minor child?
Can I nominate a guardian and conservator for myself?
Why do I need a medical power of attorney?
Should I have powers of attorney for my college-bound kids?
How often should I review my estate plan with my attorney?
How much is this going to cost?
How do I get started?