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When my father-in-law, Chuck, was suddenly taken to the hospital with heart issues, he realized that he needed to "get his affairs in order." I called Chris. He met us at the hospital that afternoon to discuss Chuck's wishes.
My mother-in-law, Ann, was there as well. Chris discussed with them their options for medical and financial power of attorney and estate planning. He was compassionate, understanding and understandable, without a lot of "legal speak" that can be confusing. All the documents were drawn up for both of them.
Chris met us the next day, again at the hospital, to get everything signed. We were fortunate that Chuck recovered and is doing well. We are also fortunate that we are now ready for whatever does happen. Chris made everything painless. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing estate planning.
--Jan Lee


As a financial advisor, I regularly ask clients to bring their estate planning documents to our review meetings. A Final Will and Testament shared by one client named his ex-spouse and the adult children from that marriage as the heirs of his estate. That could have caused severe financial hardship for his current wife and new baby. A phone call to Chris solved the problem.
Chris made time in his schedule to see this couple immediately. He would not let them leave his office until replacement documents had been created protecting the financial interests of the current wife and new baby. During a subsequent appointment, a comprehensive estate plan was developed and we coordinated its implementation. Chris helped ensure that my clients’ future was protected. His immediate response and professional attention to their situation was exemplary.
--Susan Franke, Financial Advisor


Chris Juillet and I have been working together for more than ten years now. In fact, we shared an office for a few years. Chris will go out of his way to help his clients. For example, the elderly mother of a mutual client of ours was going to have an operation and needed some financial document’s drawn-up promptly. Chris drafted the documents and took them to the hospital for the family to review and sign, since they could not come to the office.
In another case, at the family's request, Chris and I physically cleaned out one of our deceased clients storage units and combined it with other storage unit that she had so that an inventory could be done and her assets could be sold at an estate sale. I don’t know of any other lawyer who would do that.
I regularly recommend Chris to my clients when they ask me if I know a good attorney, since he sticks with the legal aspects of situations and does not try to practice tax law also.
--Len Pytlak, CPA