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Most people would rather put off the topic—and the task—of estate planning for another day…or another year. They say things like:

“I don’t want to spend the money right now.”

“It’s just easier not to think about it.”

“It’ll take care of itself.”

“It won’t be my problem.”

“I’ll live forever.”

“I know I need to do it; I’ll get around to it soon.”

“I don’t know how to start or who to talk to.”

It’s easy to put it off, but better to get it handled. Get the advice you need and the help you deserve.

Remember that an estate plan is not simply a “piece of paper.” It’s peace of mind. There is no better time than today to help secure your family’s financial future with a comprehensive estate plan.

For more information or to get started on this important life project, visit or contact me at or 734-827-9450. I’ll help you plan ahead. 






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